Mission: A Village to Raise is here to help connect, chat and network ALL family types to socialize and share information, tips and resources that are necessary to support all parental roles in raising a well rounded child.

Purpose: The Purpose of AVillageToRaise.com is to be the One Stop online center for resources pertaining to the development and enrichment of childhood needs as well as educating and support for parents.  You can connect with other families across the country that are going through similar experiences or issues. 


 Our resources include:
  • Interacting through our chat feature with other parents
  • Posting and reading blogs relating to special topics
  • search for a mentor to help you through the adoption process and other situations
  • online courses and certification programs for parenting, fostering and adoption
  • resource links connecting parents to needed services
  • chat groups where you can join in on current conversations and topics
  • classifieds where you can find anything
  • a calendar for current parenting and adoption events
  • articles from our experts on various topics and the latest news on parenting. 
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